Installation video and helpful tips

Installation video

The following video describes the required materials and installation process for our gaskets. The product featured in the video is the 2013-2016 gaskets, but the same method applies to the 2017-2020 gaskets.


Additional suggestions to make your new gaskets even more durable.

Scion FR-S trunk open showing tape over the space between the trunk and tail light housing.

Cover the Gaps

Something as simple as some waterproof tape over the gaps between the trunk channel and your tail light housings will prevent water from running down behind the light and over the gasket. If you don't have any condensation in your stock tail lights yet, taking this step may prolong the life of your factory gaskets. Simply apply some waterproof tape and make sure it's pressed down firmly against the curves of the trunk and tail light housing, so there aren't any gaps or holes for water to flow into.

View from inside the trunk of Scion FR-S showing the 4 tail light mounting nuts.

Reinstallation torque

One of the most common issues we see is owners over-torquing the 4 nuts that hold the tail light housings onto the body. If over tightened, these can pull the mounting posts out of the plastic housing and crack the tail lights. Over tightening can also lead to the sheet metal warping. To prevent this from happening, use a torque wrench and follow the factory torque specifications of 3.25 ftlbs / 39 inlbs / 4.4 Nm.