Below is our instructional video on how to install Gasket Ninja tail light gaskets. If you have any further questions, contact us for more information.

Additional condensation protection

If you live in a particularly rainy area, or if you park outside often, your gaskets are going to be constantly assaulted by water and the elements. While fully sealing our gaskets to your tail lights will stop condensation, some inexpensive extra protection never hurts, specifically in extreme conditions.

Something as simple as some waterproof tape over the gaps between the trunk channel and your tail light housings will prevent water from running down behind the light and over the gasket. If you don’t have any condensation in your stock tail lights yet, taking this step may prolong the life of your factory gaskets as well. Simply apply some tape and make sure it’s pressed down firmly against the curves of the trunk and tail light housing, so there aren’t any gaps or holes for water to flow into. Here are some photos to reference. We’re using a 1″ wide small roll of black Gorilla Tape that was $2.50.



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